Revealing Systemic Racism

An SRCP Interactive Mapping Project

This interactive map is an evolving project, done in collaboration with students and community members, aimed at revealing the concrete manifestations of systemic racism that would otherwise go unnoticed. Identifying and exploring sites that represent systemic racism allows people to begin to understand the profound impact racism has had in shaping their communities, even in communities presumed to be racism-free. Helping people to “see” how racism is woven into the fabric of American life makes an abstract idea like “systemic racism” real, making it harder for people to ignore or deny its existence. 


The map below is not intended to be comprehensive. It is meant to be an interactive educational experience that people can explore and contribute to, and is always developing. New sites are added several times a year, and eventually the format of the map itself will evolve in relation to relevant research and curriculum development. 

Sites on the map were researched by students in the Human Services, Nursing, and Elementary Education programs at Western Washington University. Most (but not all) sites are located in the Pacific Northwest, and students have some personal connection to each location. 


Sites are organized by theme as indicated by the tabs at the top of the map (click the last tab on the right to reveal more themes).To explore the map, click an image in the sidebar or a tagged location on the map itself. 

Last update: 5/24/19